Who I Am …

Short Version: Opinionated problem solver with way too much time in enterprise software.

Quote that best describes me: The most versatile “swiss army knife” I have ever worked with.

The long(ish) version….

Retired U.S. Army 19k turned engineer. Over 15 years I have evolved from a Unix Admin => QA Engineer = > DevOps Engineer => Enterprise Java Developer and back to DevOps ( I ❤ *Nix).

Over the course of the past 5 years, JS and the web has been my hobby. I kept it that way specifically because I have a passion for most things web, as soon as that becomes “work” I feel it sucks some of the joy out of it. My plan for JavaScript was always to keep it untarnished by enterprise software development and try to contribute to the OSS space when I had time.

Insert “real life” here ….

Work / Life balance in enterprise software, that’s a HR buzz word not a reality.

After 13 years in enterprise software “something” I was fried. Anyone that knows Derek Hess could figure that our by looking at the header image ( that print is titled “Burned Out” ). Like most people my age that have had enough, I went looking for something different and I managed to find it.

Profitable startup with a solid product and great dev team, yeah score!. In the story of my life we are now 18 months ago and fast forwarding to 6 months ago.

Thanks to extJS there was a problem to solve and as per usual, I was going to be the one to solve it. Attacking problems is in my DNA, I simply can’t help it. Plan to keep JS untarnished by work and one official job title change later, I am a Full-Stack JavaScript Developer.

And the point (finally, I know)

Over the next 18 months, complete 3 large application re-writes with 2 new applications on top of that using my two trusty MacBooks a shiny new espresso machine.

What goes into this blog will be the challenges along the way and my solutions to reflect back on down the road.

If something I throw up here manages to help someone else out of a jam, all the better.